I am sure you have heard of the tragedy that is surrounding the MTG community. Our Head Coach, Chris Grover, was taken from us on 9/28/17. Chris leaves behind two children, Ben (5 years old) and Faye (2 years old). MTG has set up a GoFundMe page for his children. Any amount of money in the support of his children will be greatly appreciated. Click here for Link for GoFundMe Page

February 5, 2018 // February Newsletter & Calendar
The February Calendar is available by clicking here. The February newsletter is available on the newsletter page of the website.

2018 Flippin' Into Spring Invitational
Session Schedule Flippin' into Spring 2018 can be found by clicking here
Directions for Flippin' into Spring meet can be found by clicking here please make sure you follow these directions for easy parking
Rules for visiting gyms and Admission pricing can be found by clicking here
Fine Designs will be on site for all your apparel needs and food will be catered by Noshi's Coney Island (menu to follow)....COME HUNGRY :)
Looking forward to seeing you all in March!!

April 3, 2017 // Summer Information Available
The information for our summer program is now available.

**NEW** POWER TUMBLING CLASSES on Thursday's from 6:00pm-7:00pm/7:30pm Ages 9+
Level 10 power tumbler, Kody Priest, has been a gymnast for the past 7 years and competitive in Power Tumbling for 3. He has been ranked #1 in New York State since 2014. He also recently won the gold medal at Regionals. Kody has been coaching tumbling for 3 years.

Power Tumbling summary of sport: Power Tumbling is different from what people know as "traditional" or "Artistic Gymnastics". The sport consists of what Artistic gymnasts do on spring floor, and moves it off of a square floor and onto an 80 foot long track called a rod floor. The athlete will often run up to the floor (or track) and execute anything from 3-8 consecutive skills depending on the level of the athlete. It is competed world wide, and is even petitioned to be in the 2010 Summer Olympic Games.

1Ĺ hour Curriculum/ Class outline:
-10 minute warmup on rod floor consisting of runs, and dynamic drills
-5 minute stretch (if you stretch for too long it will temporarily weaken your muscles)
-20 minutes of drills and conditioning...
-25 minutes on rod floor, with each student starting off on same basic skills(different jumping drills, roundoffs and cartwheels) escalating to each student training at their own level
-20 minutes on tumble/fast track training skills that students can't easily perform on rod floor
-10 minutes of stretching at the end so the students are not sore and donít accumulate injuries from overuse of muscles, wrists, or ankles.

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