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Gymnastics is the greatest overall body conditioning activity in which you could have your child participate in.

A study has been done testing the various parts of physical fitness (strength, flexibility, coordination, etc.) on a number of college athletes involved in different sports. When the totals were added up, gymnasts proved to be the most physically fit.

Some of the physical attributes that you will find developing in your young gymnast will be: strength, flexibility, kinesthetic awareness, muscular control, muscular endurance, coordination, timing, explosive power, agility, running speed, balance, and grace.

In addition, some of the mental attributes that develop through gymnastics are positive self-image, self-motivation, tenacity, patience, and the willingness to sacrifice for personal development, goal setting, courage and enjoyment.

Properly taught, gymnastics teaches self-esteem, self-motivation, self-discipline, determination, work ethic, time management, teamwork, team spirit, leadership, sportsmanship, respect for danger, respect for others, poise and grace. When gymnasts leave the sport of gymnastics they will have established a base of life skills that will undoubtedly assist them through the rest of their lives.


We offer growth in areas of strength, flexibility, peer interaction, development of self-confidence and overall life skills in conjunction with gymnastics skill acquisition.

It is our belief that an emphasis on correct form, proper technique, and precise execution will result in not only higher scores, every child’s goal, but also a higher level of gymnastics. Our goal is to offer every child the best professional instruction, in a well organized gym, with new state of the art equipment, and a controlled learning environment.


A Developmental Program designed to introduce competitive level skills and routines to athletes using USAG Levels 4 - 10. Class structure and discipline are gradually increased through the year to simulate a competitive team workout. A fun and enjoyable environment is stressed at this level. Athletes are required to train 2-4 hours each week.


Team athletes train and compete USAG Levels 4 – 10 skills and routines at Invitational, Local, Sectional, State and Regional Competitions. A high level of dedication and discipline from these athletes are expected at each of the competitive levels. level. This is given during team practice.

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