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Born To Tumble
15 months - 24 months (45 minutes)
Fast-paced activities to coincide with limited attention spans. Introduction to movement through play activities using both fine and gross motor skills movements. This class is designed to create a world of adventure for our young walkers to stimulate their muscle development, sense of rhythm, social interactions, independence and body awareness.

Tumblin Tots
2-3 year olds (45 minutes)
A movement education program for the preschool child with emphasis on coordination and spatial awareness. The foundation for future gymnastics is laid in these programs. Your child will learn how to behave in a controlled atmosphere by following directions, waiting their turn, and paying attention. We have created progressive and unique lesson plans to challenge your child while having fun.

Tumblin Kids // Advanced Tumblin Kids
4-5 year olds (50 minutes)
This class is an excellent transition from Tumblin Tots to Recreational classes. In this class, a greater emphasis is placed on gymnastics skills, while the activities are designed to enhance: Coordination, flexibility & balance, the desire to learn, behavior in a controlled atmosphere, social links, individual challenges, and personal confidence.

Girls Level 1-2 // Boys Class 7
6 years old and up (60 minutes)
Recreational Girls/ Boys is a complete beginner to intermediate program from ages 6 and up. This 60 min. class strives to instill in children the essential notions of: Gymnastics movement, spatial awareness, personal discipline, confidence development, strength & power, commitment, pride in achievement, effectively working within a group setting, and accomplishment.

Advanced Boys
6 year old and up Class 4-6 (90 minutes)
Our Advanced Boys classes are for boys of 6 years and older. Boys invited to this class will learn to perform the basic USAG compulsory programs on all 6 Olympic apparatus. This class is designed for boys who can demonstrate exceptional abilities in executing difficult skills.

Intermediate Advanced Girls
6 years old and up Level 3 (60 minutes)
This class continues progressive gymnastics instruction with added difficulty. Students begin working on combinations and connections to prepare for Level 4.

Advanced Girls // Extended Advanced Girls
6 years old and up Level 4 (60 minutes) // 6 years old and up Level 4 (90 minutes)
Level 4 provides continuing emphasis on strength, balance, and flexibility preparing students for back walkovers, front limbers, front vaults, front hip circles, glide kips, and a variety of mounts, dismounts, and leaps.

Tumbling Class
6 years old and up (60 minutes)
The class is designed to prepare cheerleaders, dancers and acrobats for everything from tryouts to national competition. Special emphasis is placed on tumbling and acrobatic skills.

Adult Class
18 years old and up (60 minutes)
Mr. Todd’s Gymnastics is one of the few gyms around that offers Adult classes! These co-ed classes with instructor Ashlan are geared for students ages 18 and up and help you maintain or regain gymnastics skills learned in youth, or allow you to start at the beginning and learn new skills. Perfect for people who want to learn skills they can transfer to other fitness activities like dance, martial arts or snowboarding, as well as for people just itching to get out on the floor and have the kind of fun their kids experience at every class. Students get individualized attention and spotting while they work at their own pace on flexibility, strength training, tumbling, and all apparatus. Come take your free trial class and see if adult gymnastics is for you!